Tea cermony

Den 13:e november kl 10-12 bjuder vi in Yuliya Maslyn för en tecermoni.

Tea and Humans go long way back together, we became friends centuries ago. The first relationship was established on the healing level. If you want to look at your daily beverage in a new way, this space is for you.


Tea meditation is a grounding and nourishing practice. Living tea is a medicine which adapts to the needs of the drinker and alters the state of the mind and body. Living tea comes from seed-propagated trees of Camellia Sinensis, grown in biodiversity without irrigation, cultivated and processed in accordance with the nature of the plant and with respect for the tradition.

Join us for a silent gathering and reunion with nature, community and self. Give yourself the precious gift of being and feeling in the space we have created for you. Be ready to clear your mind, open your heart and illuminate the spirit, with the help of this priceless gift that Nature gave us. Dress comfortably to be able to sit on the floor. No previous experience needed.


Anmälan och betalning sker i vårt bokningssystem. Du klickar in på sidan ”Våra priser” och rullar ner till ”Kurser & Workshops”. Där hittar du anmälan till teceremonin.

Vi har kuddar för att du ska kunna sitta bekvämare på golvet.


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